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Keyword analysis and selection is particularly important, as it determines both results and costs. Having divided the process of keyword SEO to the top of Google into 6 steps as follows:

Step 1: Overall website optimization (SEO on-site)

To conduct SEO, the first job you need to do is to optimize the overall website. Not only does each landing page need SEO standards, your entire website also needs to meet Google criteria. As a result, the quality score of the whole website will be assessed by Google better, effectively supporting the ability to visit the landing page of the landing page.

This work involves standardizing the structure of the website such as URLs, title tags, H1, H2, ... creating and updating sitemaps, Robot.txt files, optimizing website speed, ...

To better understand the overall website optimization items, please see more article: What is overall website optimization (SEO on-site)?
Step 2: Analyze and select the keywords

Keyword analysis and selection is particularly important, as it determines both results and costs. VIET SEO will suggest you how to choose effective keywords right below.

Choose keywords with the length of 4-7 words: This is a keyword with a medium or low level of competition, so the time to top is much faster than keywords from 1-3 words and has a conversion rate. into higher customer because it properly describes the needs of the user. For example, "selling houses in District 2" instead of "selling houses".

Keywords geographic zoning: You are focusing sales in Saigon, Long An ... the keyword should include the locality. This helps to reach the right customers and the SEO of keywords to the top is also easier, surpassing competitors.

Step 3: Create content for keywords

Each keyword included in the SEO plan, you need to proceed to prepare it for good quality content, unique and strange. This is great Google, if done perfectly this step, Google can bring keywords to the top quickly, even without textlink.

You can take advantage of the article posting feature to sell search engine products by providing product and service details to Google to give users detailed information about what you are looking for. customers are selling when users see and click on Google Shopping ads. My business management section also briefly reflects on (GShoping) a few ways to use the reporting tool to track the performance information of my posted products over time.

Uncovering the secret of Google Shopping - The secret to increasing Online sales is not available to everyone

You may already know (GShoping) also known as Google Product Search (GPSearch), Google Products (Gproducts with the time known as Froogle) as 01 product and goods information service that allows users to compare prices between online shopping websites, powered by the world's # 1 search network. (GShoping) currently in 2018 is still in the process of finishing and has allowed users to use rules from Google (Craig nevill-Manning who is said to have invented F Froogle).

Starting from (GShoping) comes from the simplicity of the user interface for product and service providers that simply fill out the form in an HTML format with standard information lines (HTML Form) when users search for Products containing related keywords will result in 01 list of product distributors and related prices. In Vietnam Google Shopping - Google Product Search (Google Shopping) has been a trend of new seo services (GShoping) just after Google Ads has been dominating for many years.

Although Google Shopping is known as a free service in countless Google tools that allows users to view results (images, prices, links of places of sale) that stand out at the top of the query. direct. The purpose of Google Products allows customers to immediately access search results full of information (no need to click to go to the last page) and compare products when users want to buy products online.

With every seo service, we meet the standard CODE - the programming technique of creating XML structure files meeting Google standards so we can put all products.

SEO service is the first launch of Viet SEO. Quickly, our SEO service was able to get our customer website started to spread widely on the Internet, on search engines, in collaboration with other online and social marketing channels.

Viet SEO must scan all Internet behaviors about your industry and devise a strategy to meet search results through SEO services.

Besides website SEO services for individuals, organizations and businesses, we also provide SEO training for businesses. SEO courses give your business an overview of market needs in the field you are involved in. As well as how to help businesses save costs and reuse available business resources effectively.
SEO jobs

Previously, doing SEO brought many technical factors, it would be difficult if not understand about building a website. However, at the moment, besides the technical factors, SEOs need to be able to interact well with the community in the field in which they are SEO, along with the ability to write articles, search information. believe,…

SEO involves a lot of different jobs, though it can be divided into three main parts

    Keyword research (English: keyword research): This is an extremely important job in SEO in order to find out phrases and groups of keywords that target each type of search object and easily put the website on the position. high on search results.
    Seo Onpage: Optimize the content on the website, for both Search Engines and visitors. Now it is becoming more and more important after Google releases a series of new updates, especially Google Panda and Google Humming Bird.
    Seo Offpage: build links from other websites pointing to your website. Include all links from different websites (blogs, social networks, news, etc.)
Keyword SEO services
Research keywords, optimize and rank your website to the TOP of Google search results pages quickly. 100% money back guarantee if you don't reach TOP on time.

Overall SEO Services SEO all keywords related to products, services, website content, including main sub keywords, niche, etc. .. Support brand building through public Search engines quickly, efficiently, and reach many potential customers.

SEO services by month: SEO activities are planned in a month with the SEO team of VIET SEO with many years of experience, making SEO "mindful", continuous effectiveness and maximum cost savings, consistent with Small, medium-sized businesses, organizations and individuals.

Seo top service

SEO services (DVS) in the front pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Coc Coc ... in position [Top 1-5] are indispensable for successful Online business customers. We have set the goal of developing AI (Artifical Intelligence) for SEO services that has existed for over 10 years in the field of keyword seo for an Online business system.

Because of the preference to use DVS from the regular customers, increasing continuously for many years. The advantage of (DVS) exists in the TOP is due to the application of evolutionary theory (a good premise for AI development), how to work professionally in the field of SEO.

In addition, the overall keyword seo (STK) for a business system combines well with SEM business promotion services (SEO + SEA + SMO + SMM + SMA) in the first page that co-exists with SEO. And providing good content for search engines SE (Search Engine) is very popular in Ho Chi Minh City and many parts of Vietnam.

Accompanying your successful e-commerce business with keyword seo service from us following the 'evolution theory' optimal from Google Trends AI algorithms in the direction Search for potential words #dichvuseo (positions 1-4 or 5-9) on the front page.

The campaigns promoting Search Engine friendly services (SE), Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM) marketing are implemented locally (Seo Local) or even in Vietnam. All Seo Services are well implemented according to the trends of Google in developing business website of goods, services, technology ... in the direction of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in an optimal way. chemistry - select one of the most modern and fastest advertising methods in the time when SEO is gradually saturated.

Việt SEO can develop many advertising campaigns on many search engines through methods: seo business keyword synthesis, evolution keyword seo, keyword SEO by EAT method (shorthand for Expertise ( Specialized - Specialized), Authority (Authentication - Copyright), Trust (Trust or belief in authentic content) from the end of the year 2000).

Or simply develop machine learning (machine learning) with the ability to research AI (artifical intelligence) and deploy in seo services to increase stability in real time.

Vietnam seo master

If you want to do PPC advertising - AdWords is very easy, anyone with international credit cards such as VISA, MASTER CARD is able to register and run ads.
It is much more difficult to do SEO, you can spend a few million dollars to learn SEO or you can hire professional translators to do the job for you faster.
SEM is considered as a tool in marketing and promoting brands, products and services on the Internet. Adwords is short-term: promotion, ... Good will help the website can reach more than 70% of the traffic coming from Google, increasing your credibility and brand on the Internet.
Implementing SEO is a very independent job. But to achieve the best effect, it should be used in conjunction with other tools such as: Social Media, Email Marketing, ..
In Vietnam, SEO is increasingly popular, considered as a money-making profession, a thought-provoking job or a unique creative field! It is estimated that more than 20,000 people are practicing SEO and this number continues to increase.
The role of SEO with Internet Business Entrepreneurship

The Vietnamese Language

In Vietnamese, there is no such thing as capital letters or spaces like Western languages, this means that we aren’t being provided with the natural break for our eyes. This immediately makes anything written in Vietnamese look cluttered.

When you look further at Vietnamese characters, although often written in simplified Vietnamese , there are far more ‘strokes’ within each character when compared to western characters which make the writing also look busy.

A further issue with the lack of stemming within the Vietnamese when it appears online.

Stemming is a tool used by Search Engines to allow for variations of the word you are searching for, for example, you may search for Gardening but the stemming tool allows for results on garden gardens and even horticulture.

This is not as easy in Vietnamese and therefore, rather than search boxes you find web pages full of links to allow the user to get to the page that they actually want.

If you look at a typical Vietnamese website you will see a great deal of links on the homepage. This heavy use of links makes the website appear cluttered. However, there is a good reason for this.

Masses of links on home pages are needed for both SEO and because of the poor internet connections in Vietnam.
Why do you need Web Design?

Your website will serve as a vital marketing tool that enables you to reach out to prospective customers. However, website design agency provides web designs that go even further than this in functionality and are a powerful way to relay valuable information and build an online presence for your business. We create websites that engage visitors and tell them everything they need to know in an easy and comprehensive way. Without an outstanding website design, you cannot keep consumers interested enough to browse through your whole website and convince them to avail your services. We specialize in developing web designs that are capable of convincing your target audience to become your customers.

Without proper guidance, you may feel confused about which web design is ideal for your company. The website has the potential to increase the number of people it engages, generate traffic and strengthen your online presence. Web design agency helps you clearly represent your business through a website that is memorable and impresses visitors.
Looking for a Vietnamese Website Design?

ExtraDigital have a professional and creative in-house design team that can help you create a winning website to target the Vietnamese market. All of our websites, are design with marketing in mind so you have a website that helps you reach your target audience from day one.

We can help you to convert your existing English website into a Vietnamese version, or to develop a brand new Vietnamese website. Both e-commerce and non e-commerce websites are available.

    Consult you to understand the vision you have for the Vietnam’s market.
    Approach Vietnamese web design more from an online marketing point than a graphic design.
    Make it easy: simple site structure, easy to navigate, clearly display calls-to-action and contact information.
    Easy platform CMS (Content Management System) to edit everything on your site on your own.
    Content is King: we can either help you to do the Vietnamese SEO friendly translation or create organic copywriting in Vietnamese for your website. Both are integrated with targeted
    Vietnamese keywords to meet your Vietnamese customer demand. Also, keeping the fresh content updated is SEO friendly in Vietnamese online marketing.

Website Hosting

It is a common question: Does my Vietnamese website need to be hosted inside Vietnam? No, you don’t need to, however, we do suggest you to host it in Mainland Vietnam. Why? Please continue reading.

Website hosting inside Vietnamese
We recommend you hosting your website in Mainland Vietnamese if you have a business entity in Mainland Vietnam, as website localisation hosting should make your website more accessible to your target users, which helps with Vietnamese SEO.

If your website is hosted in Mainland Vietnam, you must obtain an ICP (Internet Content Provider) licence that is a permit issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to permit Vietnam-based websites to operate in Vietnam. The ICP licence numbers for Vietnamese websites can often be found on the bottom of the website homepage.
Website hosting outside Mainland Vietnam

If you don’t have a business entity in Mainland Vietnam, we would recommend to you to have your website hosted outside Vietnam. Hosting in Hong Kong will be a good solution as it is in close vicinity to Mainland Vietnamand makes your website more accessible to Vietnamese users.

Integrating social networks when designing websites in Binh Duong

Integrating the icons associated with the social networks commonly used today in the website design process in Binh Duong seems like a simple operation but indispensable. Because when the era of social networking sites came to the throne, the connection between channels together to create breakthrough sales effects was extremely necessary. Besides, the integration of this feature is also a plus for the SEO process for your website. From there, you can improve the exposure for your content and products to increase traffic.

Integrating social networks when designing websites in Binh Duong

Website design in Duong cannot lack security features

Security feature is the feature that almost receives the most attention from customers when leaving their personal information. Therefore, you need to build a website with high security features for your customer information to be able to create the credibility and reliability of the business. To do that, you need to build a strong security system for your own website to protect yourself before protecting customer information. You can use one of the forms of encryption like VeriSign, Trust E, SSL, ....

Conducting a package web design with branding interface:

After closing the hosting package domain as well as other agreements when designing the web, we proceeded to design exclusive website interfaces, applying the latest website design trends by professional designers.

Viet SEO is a website design company with a very high level of specialization in each stage, so that we can confidently complete the website programming service package and you can be assured of the people doing it. The project is for you to be an expert in their field, not a beginner novice programmer.

The interface was built initially with a PSD image file, customers can feedback and edit until satisfied so that Viet SEO can move to the next stage - programming the interface for the website.

Proceed programming the website interface:

With a team of professional programmers, including front-end and back-end developers, the interface and features on your website will be done by 2 parts, which helps optimize the work and shorten time. web programming.

With a team of front-end experienced many years, we proceed to cut PSD to HTML and customize, set the optimal interface and the same as the original design. Add effects to make the web interface lively and eye-catching, attracting users. When designing websites at Viet SEO, we are always committed to customers that the interface created is completely new, not identical to any website available on the internet.

In addition, not only ensure the best performance on the mobile platform, Viet SEO's website design package also ensures your web interface will display well on the tablet, laptop, desktop and giant screen platforms. giants like imacs, projectors, smart TVs, ... thanks to the built-in Responsive feature, this is the feature that helps your website to scale according to the screen based on the parameters of measured length and width. .

Back-end team with ASP, PHP programmers to meet all project needs, including new features required by customers, Viet SEO can confidently integrate all necessary features into website to support your business.
Reliable and secure website SEO services

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